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The Universal Edit Button Image:Wiki.png
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What is this?

The Universal Edit Button is a green pencil icon Icon of the Universal Edit Button in the address bar that indicates a web page is editable. It is similar to the orange "broadcast" RSS icon RSS feed icon that indicates there is an RSS feed available.

The universal edit button is available for Firefox (installation notes), Opera and Chrome - (also Wordpress & Drupal) . In time, we expect web browsers will support the Universal Edit Button natively, as they have done for RSS feeds.

Example for the Universal Edit Button in your toolbar

Why the Universal Editing Button matters

The Universal Editing Button (UEB) Icon of the Universal Edit Button allows a web surfer to more quickly recognize when a site may be edited. It is a convenience to web surfers who are already inclined to contribute, and an invitation to those who have yet to discover the thrill of building a common resource. As this kind of public editing becomes more commonplace, the button may become regarded as a badge of honor. It serves as an incentive to encourage companies and site developers to add publicly-editable components to their sites, in order to have the UEB Icon of the Universal Edit Button displayed for their sites.

In these ways, we hope that this button catalyzes the acceleration of the editable web, and helps accelerate society's trend toward building valued common resources.

For more explanation of the Universal Edit Button, you can listen to a podcast by Ward Cunningham (inventor of the wiki), Mark Dilley (WikiIndex.org), and Peter Kaminski (SocialText).


Tim Berners-Lee's initial vision for the web was a read-write medium. Yet as the web matured, very few web sites offered users the ability to write or edit. The web became primarily a "read only" medium. Everyone web surfed but few got to enjoy web editing.

Over the years, wiki practitioners and other edit-friendly folks spread the idea that the web should be editable by anyone at any time. The success of Wikipedia, and the increasing utility of wikis like wikiHow, AboutUs, wikiTravel and Wikia demonstrates that open editing creates high quality information resources. "Read only" sites are increasingly adding the ability for anyone to participate. Wikis appear in enterprise software products and in consumer offerings such as those from net behemoths like Google. As the Internet becomes more editable by the day, web users are becoming more adept and creative in the tools that allow information to be shared.

History of the Universal Edit Button

Conversations on this idea started at RoCoCo (a RecentChangesCamp) in Montreal 2007, and discussions continued on the AboutUs wiki. At the Palo Alto RCC in 2008, a handful of people explored the idea, got excited with auto-discovery, and helped spread the idea.

Many ideas were suggested and designed by wiki editors for the Universal Edit Button icon, as evidenced in the logo for this wiki. The first icon wiki.png was selected from a suggestion made by Ward Cunningham at the start of the discussions. Afterwards, a new icon design (Icon of the Universal Edit Button (new design)) was adopted, from a suggestion by Lorenzo Pastrana.

The initial firefox extension was updated by Andreas Gohr, in order to solve some compatibility bugs and adopt the new design.

Our goal is to promote a button that works across platforms (wiki to start with), is independent of any particular language; and is simple, yet evocative of what it means to be able to edit.

For more information or to get involved, please check out the Community Portal

(that page also links to how to implement it on your website, and the Firefox plug-in)

Sites with Universal Editing Button

Wikis, Wiki Engines, Wiki Farms

To enable your Wiki or site with the UEB, see the Add The Link page.

edit this list

(roughly in implementation order)

wikiHow the how-to manual that you can edit
Ward's wiki, the Portland Pattern Repository the first wiki
WikiIndex a place to help new wiki folk find wiki communities they are interested in
WikiAngela Angela Beesley's (co-founder of Wikia) wiki
FortWiki documents the historical forts, camps and stations that provided security and protection for the U.S. and Canada
AboutUs an editable guide to the Web organized around domain names
Wikimedia Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons, and other Wikimedia Foundation Projects
MediaWiki.org the wiki for the open source MediaWiki software which runs this site and many others
Wiki-Translation.com discussing the impact of the wiki phenomenon on the world of translation
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware a WikiEngine & Content Management System (CMS)
Thief Wiki - The Dark Wiki about the critically-acclaimed Thief video-game series.
Kamelopedia a wiki for the Kamel software
Domain Wiki an editable wiki for domain names
MoinMoin 1.7 a WikiEngine
Oddmuse a WikiEngine
pbwiki.com a WikiEngine and Wiki host, Open Source
PhpWiki a wiki about the PHP programming language
Socialtext a wiki host
ArborWiki a hyperlocal collection of information about Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and other places in Washtenaw County, Michigan
FanHistory a wiki directory about fandom and its history
TWiki.org a wiki engine
wiki.creativecommons.org a wiki about the Creative Commons family of licenses
pageoftext.com a page on pageoftext.com called universal_edit_button
pageofcreole.com a page on pageofcreole.com called universal_edit_button_creole_style
Agree2 a wiki-like repository of Agreement Templates
JSPWiki sandbox an official feature of JSPWiki 2.8
MindTouch Deki Open source collaboration & integration
DokuWiki a wiki engine
Wikidot wiki hosting
Wikispaces wiki host
PBwiki wiki host
Whole Wheat Radio a wiki for Whole Wheat Radio, a grassroots online radio station originating from Talkeetna, Alaska.
SmallBusiness.com the wiki-resource for small business
Confluence an enterprise wiki
LinuxBasics.org an online community that helps people to get Linux® installed and running
WikiSpielwiese.de using the Plugin for DokuWiki
OpenSocial Directory a free resource for the OpenSocial Community
Wikia a wiki host Note: Wikis hosted at [[wikia:Wikia|Wikia] do not need any changes to work with the UEB.
IkiWiki a wiki compiler, it converts wiki pages into HTML pages suitable for publishing on a website
Nico Nico Pedia(ニコニコ大百科)
XWiki.org both a generic platform for developing collaborative applications using the wiki paradigm and products developed on top of it
Keiki The Free Parenting Guide
Travellerspoint Travel Guide a travelers' guide to the world
ICANNWiki a wiki for the ICANN community
IGI Databank about the IGI video-game series
Comindwork online tools for knowledge-intensive collaboration
Suomencup.net The Definite Guide To Finnish Cup Football
Mahalo.com Human Powered Search
Classic Fantasy & Science Fiction a database of classic fantasy and science fiction stories
Venicewiki.org the city wiki of Venice, Italy
Enciclopedia României the wiki of Romania
WikiPlus(ウィキプラス) Wiki-based CMS to build a business website
ScribbleWiki wiki host
theDIYpal the home improvement site that anyone can add to or edit
Memory Alpha The canon Star Trek wiki
OpenGuides Collaborative city guide project/software
Elektonik wiki More informations about Elektronik (German)
The Domain Wiki the domain site that anyone can add to or edit
Kisimi An open source wiki system that has a few extra features.
SimpleMenteWiki a place to share and discuss experiences about design of better artifacts for people
de-rec-fahrrad.de A Wiki to share information about anything related to bicycles (technical, daily use etc.)
ApocalypseWiki ApocalypseWiki is based on UseModWiki, and is used by sites on http://apocalypse.rulez.org
WikiAnswers Q&A the wiki way
WebwareWiki The Webware Wiki
Foswiki.org a wiki engine
Rucksack a collaborative organization tool
WikkaWiki a WikiEngine
YourWiki a Wiki host
Theopedia Christian wiki
Reformed Word Christian wiki
Envirowiki Australian environment wiki
Foodista.com The Cooking Encyclopedia Everyone Can Edit
The eArt-wikis, kabo-wikis, obm-wikis, odd-wikis The wikis currently in the wiki-net
Wiki4Games a wiki about all video games
WabiSabi Wiki a fast experimental wiki engine
WhatsYour.Name a Universal List of names and name meanings
BattlestarWiki.org largest wiki for every incarnation of Battlestar Galactica and its spinoffs
Dexid.org a collaborative project dedicated to creating a free, unbiased source for detailed product information.
StrategyWiki a wiki for video game walkthroughs and strategy guides
Trac the collaborative web platform for software development (UEB support in version 0.12)
Fundraising-Wiki non-commercial source of information and knowledge about fund-raising in German language.
YdustrWiki This is a wiki from the MMORPG "Dofus"
Ultrastudio.org Curated collection of Java applets, supports building of documented applets by community

Other Platforms

edit list
Weblog WordPress plugin
Message Board Toledo Talk, local message board with wiki features
Comparison charts Narabe, ならべて, user editing comparison charts service. English and Japanese versions
Conference CFP Widget Summit, expose a call for proposals page inside schedule and session listings
CMS framework Midgard CMS
Website host Hatena(はてな) - hosting websites widely with wiki-like features, Hatena::Group(はてなグループ), Hatena::Bookmark(はてなブックマーク), Hatena::Diary(はてなダイアリー)
Drupal CMS Available in the Admin Links module
SportsPower (part of active.com) Micro-sites for each high school and college football team
LocalHero LocalHero is is a local search pilot/proof of concept. It is not strictly a wiki but a cross between a CMS and a search engine. It implements universal edit for its self hosted content.
Community Calendar Calagator
Applied Stacks Applied Stacks is a structured wiki (/wiki-database) that allows web developers to share what software components, tools, libraries, frameworks, and languages they've used to build specific websites. For an example entry, see website/An Origami Gallery.
eZ Publish eZ Publish is an open source CMS in PHP, sometimes refereed to as an Enterprise CMF because of it high degree of customize-ability and a flexible, xml based content model witch lets you define new content types and define the way they work with templates, workflows and permission system. Support for Universal Edit Button is currently offered as a patch, and will probably be included in future versions: #015162: Add support for universal edit button

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