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Additional Image Ideas:

  • One simple idea would be to create an icon that is more representative of an "electronic" or "online" era rather than using the traditional "pencil" icon which represents a "paper" era. A suggestion would be to have an icon showing a few keys on a keyboard with the Enter key (showing the arrow <--) depressed. Color scheme I'm unsure of, but it might be one way of showing the action for "edit" rather than a pencil writing on a page. I realize that the pencil is pretty standard for editing something across many applications and on the Web, but it's just an idea.
the logo for this wiki represents about 3/4 the ideas we had during the last 15 months of talking about this idea. We look forward to fresh ideas and designs! :-) MarkDilley

Rename the Firefox Add-on...

...from wiki auto-discovery button to Universal Edit Button

The rel and/or type should be...

To fit better with the defined purpose of the link tag and its attributes, I think a better way to format the edit link would be like this:

<link rel="edit" type="text/html" title="Edit this page!" href="wiki?edit=WelcomeVisitors"/>

The content-type of the response is text/html typically, and the relationship of the link to the current page is that you're going to edit it. --Mryall 23:57, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

Implemented suggestions

Tooltip should be more explicit

I know this may seem really, really minor, but look at the tooltips for the address bar icons in Firefox 3:

  • RSS icon: "Subscribe to this page..."
  • Bookmark (star) icon: "Bookmark this page"
  • Universal Edit icon: "Edit"

For the sake of consistency and clarity, that last should probably be "Edit this page..."

Part of the reason for this is that people are not used to being able to edit pages directly. "Edit" could mean something else -- maybe "Edit URL". Be unambiguous.

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