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Key command for editing the page

Now that the browser has a point & click interface for editing, how about a standard key command? Control/Command-E doesn't seem to be in use... --John Abbe 04:38, 22 June 2008 (UTC)


UEB.org's favicon - use the pencil icon!

The universaleditbutton.org favicon should be the same pencil icon, not the logo which is an unrecognizable mess at such a small size... Waldir 10:15, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

Ask website developers to link here

No one sees the UEB unless they have the extension installed, in which case they already know about the UEB... That's a Catch-22 situation. Given the enthusiasm for the UEB, as manifested by the coverage and software support, it might be a good idea to think about the next step. Perhaps the easiest thing to accomplish is to ask sites that added UEB support to let their users know about it via their home pages. A standard notice can be created.

Map sites!

It would be great to have map sites that support collaboration display the UEB. How do we get Google Maps on board?

Replace figure on the home page

Can someone create an animated gif showing the UEB on (that is, with) various wikis? It will ilustrate the point better.

Use a common vector based image for variations

Hi, I'd like to contribute this svg source of a 'simpler/stylized' logo base, ready for any semantic (editable/editing) improvement and cosmetic adjustment (gradients/reflections/gel/shadows) Lorenzo Pastrana

Linking Scheme

The linking format suggested on Add The Link uses the LINK element in a very odd way. If this element references another webpage that is used for editing, the type should be text/html or similar, not application/wiki (which really makes no sense as a content-type, since "wiki" is not a data format). Different purposes of links should be distinguished by their rel, title, and href protocol, not their type.

I would suggest proposing an "edit" token to the HTML5 working group to be used in rel and rev attributes (props to Mark). This would denote a link to a page which allows editing of the current resource (when used in rel), or the to the page being edited (rev). The token could be used with "alternate" in a similar way as stylesheets to denote secondary resources, such as edit pages for particular sections. Hence, the use of these tags on an imaginary wiki page might look like so

 <LINK rel="edit" title="Edit this page" href="index.php?title=This_Page&action=edit" />

for a regular page-wide edit, or

 <LINK rel="edit alternate" title="Edit section 2 of this page" href="index.php?title=This_Page&action=edit&section=2" />

for a section edit. The token might also be useful for things like RSD and XML-RPC

 <LINK rel="edit" type="application/xml+rpc" title="RPC interface" href="rpc.php?title=This_Page" />
 <LINK rel="edit" type="application/rsd+xml" title="RSD" href="rpc.php?type=rsd&title=This_Page" />

Note: RSD links currently use "editURI" as their rel token. Perhaps this should be used instead of "edit"?

--Max 14:00 Oct 21,2008 (PST)

I fully support this! Actually, I think I'll just add it to MediaWiki on general principle... (Added on MediaWiki 1.14 dev trunk in r42339) --Brion Vibber 18:04, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

Better icon position

If possible, the edit icon should appear to the left of the bookmark and feed icons. Right now it appears to the right of both, which means the standard positions of these icons are disturbed. I often reach up for the bookmark star without really looking, and I will be one of many to do this; on an editable site, this automatic response will have the unintended result of taking the page away and replacing it with the editable version. Having this "impostor" shove the standard icons aside will be seen by many as unwelcome behaviour and could even slow the adoption of this extension. 08:43, 23 November 2008 (UTC)

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