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Tooltip should be more explicit

(Implemented in the spec anyway; websites can each do whatever they like of course.)

I know this may seem really, really minor, but look at the tooltips for the address bar icons in Firefox 3:

  • RSS icon: "Subscribe to this page..."
  • Bookmark (star) icon: "Bookmark this page"
  • Universal Edit icon: "Edit"

For the sake of consistency and clarity, that last should probably be "Edit this page..."

Part of the reason for this is that people are not used to being able to edit pages directly. "Edit" could mean something else -- maybe "Edit URL". Be unambiguous.

Why not use the value of the title-attribute as tooltip? Like that, sites could determine individually what they offer and explain details like "If you were logged-in, you could edit this page" or "Registered users can edit this page..." or whatever to encourage visitors to overcome whatever prevents them from actually editing the page.

That is exactly how it works. So this conversation is about what to offer in the implementation examples - see Add The Link. Nice touch though, having the attribute be different if they;re not logged in, so i've added it. --John Abbe


Many wiki have a WikiNode. Perhaps one here at Universal Edit Button wiki would be nice? --DavidCary 20:54, 29 June 2008 (UTC)

Done. --DavidCary 21:21, 29 June 2008 (UTC)
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