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RCC This admin geeked out at RecentChangesCamp 2008.

I'm an admin at Fan History Wiki. I implemented the Universal Edit Button on the wiki.


About Fan History

Fan History’s wiki has over 463,000 articles that cover everything in fandom from actors, anime, books, cartoons, comics, movies, music, politics, science fiction, sports, television, theater and video games. The wiki is targeted at a fannish audience interested in documenting the history of their community, promoting their own creations in fan space, interested in finding communities to join or interested in attaining information to help them to figure out how to navigate in fandom.

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About Laura

I consult part time and work on Fan History Wiki the rest of the time. I love the idea of a big wiki family. I started feeling like part of it after RecentChangesCamp, where I met many wonderful people. I'm hoping that Wiki Wednesday, Chicago will be a nice way to socialize with local wiki folks.

When not doing wikis and work, I'm doing fandom related activities. I read and write fan fiction, watch the occasional fanvid, spend too much time watching television and catch the occasional Chicago Cubs game live. This year, I've also been trying to attend more fandom related conventions.

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