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This story started in Montreal at RoCoCo (the third RecentChangesCamp). The conversation centered around the explosion of wiki and wanting to let people know the values of community behind wiki and that it wasn't just a tool. We had lots of discussion about what the icon on the wiki page should look like. There was no consensus - but a majority of folks picked the chalk icon to represent the editable nature of wiki. This discussion happened at AboutUs:UniversalWikiEditButton.

For this release version .1 - we choose the green pencil, because it is what Ward implemented on his wiki at the beginning of the above discussion. We thought several things around that:

  1. ) We felt we could change it at anytime
  2. ) We felt this was a different discussion than the previous one, because the icon lives in the URL bar
  3. ) We apologize if this doesn't work for folks, we did the best we could!
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