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Non-wiki sites with UEB

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Weblog WordPress plugin
Message Board Toledo Talk, local message board with wiki features
Comparison charts Narabe, ならべて, user editing comparison charts service. English and Japanese versions
Conference CFP Widget Summit, expose a call for proposals page inside schedule and session listings
CMS framework Midgard CMS
Website host Hatena(はてな) - hosting websites widely with wiki-like features, Hatena::Group(はてなグループ), Hatena::Bookmark(はてなブックマーク), Hatena::Diary(はてなダイアリー)
Drupal CMS Available in the Admin Links module
SportsPower (part of active.com) Micro-sites for each high school and college football team
LocalHero LocalHero is is a local search pilot/proof of concept. It is not strictly a wiki but a cross between a CMS and a search engine. It implements universal edit for its self hosted content.
Community Calendar Calagator
Applied Stacks Applied Stacks is a structured wiki (/wiki-database) that allows web developers to share what software components, tools, libraries, frameworks, and languages they've used to build specific websites. For an example entry, see website/An Origami Gallery.
eZ Publish eZ Publish is an open source CMS in PHP, sometimes refereed to as an Enterprise CMF because of it high degree of customize-ability and a flexible, xml based content model witch lets you define new content types and define the way they work with templates, workflows and permission system. Support for Universal Edit Button is currently offered as a patch, and will probably be included in future versions: #015162: Add support for universal edit button
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