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The Universal Edit Button Icon of the Universal Edit Button



Universal Edit Button - location: /images/4/4e/UEB16.png

Universal Edit Button - location: /images/9/9a/UEB128.png

Logo of UniversalEditButton.org - location: /images/a/a0/UniversalEditButton_Logo_T.png

Universal Edit Button in action - location: /images/4/43/UWEBinaction.png


From Ward Cunningham, Inventor of Wiki

"The Universal 'Wiki' Edit Button leads to a page where you can collaborate, not just comment, commit or comply." -- Ward Cunningham, Inventor of Wiki

"The web can be more than a shopping mall and you have more to offer than your credit card number." -- Ward Cunningham, Inventor of Wiki

From Jack Herrick, Founder, wikiHow

"Tim Berners Lee intended the web to be a read-write medium. But somewhere along the path, most web users were demoted to just "web surfers" on a largely read only web. Few people enjoy the privilege of web editing. Yet web editing has some real benefits: The success of Wikipedia, and the increasing utility of wikis like wikiHow, AboutUs, wikiTravel and Wikia demonstrates that open editing creates high quality information resources. In addition, editable web pages tend to be placed under non-proprietary open content licenses which allow anyone to share and reuse their information. Finally web editing is a more fun, collaborative and educational way for people to engage with the Web. More people should have a chance to enjoy it. I'm delighted that wikiHow lent a hand in creating the Universal Edit Button. I hope the Universal Edit Button accelerates the growth of the editable web, not just on wikis, but on current "read only" sites which I hope will adopt open editing in the future." -- Jack Herrick, Founder, wikiHow

From Mark Dilley, Co-founder, WikiIndex

"I hope that the values of wiki culture get carried on to an editable web that helps us as a human species collaborate better and solve problems more quickly." -- Mark Dilley, Co-founder, WikiIndex

From Ehud Lamm, visiting academic from Israel

"The amazing quality of many wikis, especially wikipedia, makes people afraid to contribute. But wikis want you to edit them. This button is meant as an invitation for surfers to contribute as much or as little as they want." -- Ehud Lamm, visiting academic from Israel

From John Abbe, wiki consultant

"The Universal Edit Button - built right into your web browser - makes editability on the web more visible, further manifesting the Internet value that people should be able to speak up, be heard, and interact together across space and time." --John Abbe, wiki consultant

From Ted Ernst, self-organization enthusiast

"All wikis want you to click edit. Now the button is right in the browser. Click it!" -- Ted Ernst, self-organization enthusiast

From Akky Akimoto, Founder, Narabe

"I, as a pro-blogger/entrepreneur based in Tokyo, think this kind of activity is quite important for non-English web, too. Because intuitive icons not involving languages can be universal common sense as feed icon achieved." -- Akky Akimoto, Founder, Narabe


  • Jack Herrick - Founder, wikiHow - 650.331.0379, wiki@wikihow.com (mention "Jack" to bypass filters)
  • MarkDilley - Co-founder of WikiIndex - 503.890.3279, markwdilley@gmail.com
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