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This is how it works!

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Browsers do not yet natively notice the availability of editable wiki pages. We expect this to change soon. For now, to be aware of wiki pages, you must upgrade your browser by adding a plugin or extension.

We will here list how to extend different browsers to support the Universal Edit Button. At this point we only know of an extension for Firefox version 2 or version 3. The following link will download and install this extension. Thanks to Travis Derouin.



Extension information for techies

  • Looking for the source code? Just unzip the extension (all extensions are just interpreted).
  • Has an auto-update feature enabled so the next time the toolbar is updated, FF will install the new version for you when you update your toolbars, so you only have to manually install once.
  • Recognizes type of application/wiki or application/x-wiki. Also see The rel and/or type should be...
  • Getting it to work on other browsers.

Add The Link to your website


The extension available at Mozilla.org

In these collections:

Wiki tools

Here are 12 reviews

Stats here


Some folks are claiming that the plugin is incompatible with FF 3.0.1! - but I have not experienced that. It was updated for Firefox 3.x but not for 4+

Code Repo


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