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The Universal Edit Button Icon of the Universal Edit Button


Firefox extension needs updating, can you help?


Home run! Great slugging with that aswner!


The universal edit button is made visible to people browsing the web by a two step process:

  1. Website announces the availability of an edit page using the html <link> tag.
  2. Web browsers notice this tag and present an edit button in their location field.

Upgraded Extension


Since the current FireFox extension seemed to be so somewhat abandoned and no one fixed the compatibility issues mentioned at Bugs, I went ahead and fixed it my self:

  • fixed compatibility problems and conflicts with other extensions
  • code cleanup
  • removal of WikiHow references
  • New icon graphic by Lorenzo Pastrana as suggested here
  • Support for rel="edit" links

You can download the modified extension here: universaleditbtn.xpi I also set up a darcs repository.

I'd volunteer to maintain the extension in the future and would try to submit it at addons.mozilla.org if the original author agrees. Just contact me at andi [at] splitbrain [dot] org.

Web browsers

Web browsers that haven't implemented it yet

How to add to a website

Svg base image

  • A simple stylized logo base, ready for any semantic (editable/editing) improvement and cosmetic ajustment (gradients/reflections/gel/shadows) is available here for reviews / comments. Lorenzo Pastrana
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